Barren Strawberry, Potentilla sterilis

Wildflowers of the Isle of Luing

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  • Ribwort (English) plantain, Plantago lanceolata.

    This will develop creamy coloured stamens. May 2013.Growing at roadside.

  • Tormentil - Potentilla Tormentilla

    Everywhere on Luing

  • Ribwort (English) plantain, Plantago lanceolata.

    P. lanceolata is used frequently in herbal teas and other herbal remedies. A tea from the leaves is used as a highly effective cough medicine

  • Woodrush

    Not known which.

  • Pignut

  • Lungwort, Pulmonaria officinalis.

    I have only found this in my garden.

  • Birds-foot-trefoil, Lotus corniculatus.

    Sometimes called Bacon and Eggs, Tom Thumb

  • Sweet woodruff, Galium odoratum.

    Prolific in Ardinamir. As the epithet odoratum suggests, the plant is strongly scented, the sweet scent being derived from coumarin. This scent increases on wilting and then persists on drying, and the dried plant is used in pot-pourri and as a moth deter…

  • Lousewort. Pedicularis sylvatica ssp. sylvatica .


  • Ivy leaved Crowfoot, Ranunculus hederaceus

  • Oxalis

    I haven't a clue which this is.

  • Doves - Foot - Cranesbill - Geranium molle

    Nicholas Culpeper in his herbal of 1652 suggested a variety of uses for G. molle, including the treatment of internal and external injuries. A decoction in wine was said to relieve gout and other joint pains

  • Black Medic, Medicago lupulina.

    Medicago lupulina is an annual or bi-annual plant, sometimes long-lived thanks to adventitious buds on the roots. The plant measures from 15 to 60 cm in height, with fine stems often lying flat at the beginning of growth and later erecting. The nodes bear…

  • Heath Pearlwort Sagina subulata

    •Sometimes known as Irish Moss.

  • Common Milkwort Polygala vulgaris -

    Name Derivation - Milk Yield for Cattle - Mini Udders - Wild Thyme The family name is derived from Greek and means "much milk" - it was believed that the cattle that grazed on these plants had a good high yield of milk. Another suggestion is that the pla…

  • Thyme-leaved Speedwell, Veronica serpyllifolia

    Speedwell is considered to be diuretic, expectorant, stomachic, tonic. Speedwell was once a highly regarded in England as a healthy, relaxing, herbal tea and tonic. As with most astringent, bitter herbs, an infusion of speedwell can be used as a wash for…

  • Common, Butterwort

    The species is known as butterwort as it was thought to have magical properties and the juices from the leaves were rubbed onto cows’ udders in order to protect the milk (and resulting butter) from evil influences (4).

  • Sea campion, Silene uniflora.

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