Perseverance pub

Bloomsbury - Clerkenwell

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  • return to Queen Square

    Queen Square, London

  • Queen Charlotte garden

    Queen Square, London,_Lond on

  • Queen Square garden

    National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

  • Queen Square post box

    WC1N 26, Bloomsbury, London

  • Mary Ward Centre cafe

    Queen Square, London

  • Don't bother with Cagney's!

    The salad was good, the chips were okay, but the meat was yuk. Enormous cheap leg of grey-and-greasy strong-flavoured chicken, complete with bone and bits, and devoid of any seasoning. Left the meal wishing I hadn't eaten it. One star rating. Fare bet…

  • The Queens Larder pub

    Queen Square, London

  • Old Gloucester Street sign

    Bloomsbury, London

  • Alf Barrett Playground

    Old Gloucester Street, London

  • red telephone kiosks

    Theobalds Road, London

  • London Underground sign

    Holborn Station, Kingsway, London

  • London news vendor

    Kingsway, London

  • London flower stall

    Kingsway, London

  • London fruit stall

    Twyford Place, London

  • London brollies

    I hadn't intended having the irate stallholder centre stage in my photograph. He was inconspicuously bent over in the background as I focused on the bright umbrella, but then spotted me and deliberately walked into the picture. Stallholder: "You shoul…

  • Boswell Street

    Bloomsbury, London

  • Gage Street corner

    Bloomsbury, London

  • Boswell Street dome

    Bloomsbury, London

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