• canal boat coal merchants

    Maddy Forth with her narrowboat, Newdigate, on the Oxford Canal

  • coal merchants' boat

    John & Madeleine Forth's beautiful commercial narrowboat, Newdigate, with their lurcher, Rock, in the back cabin. The roses & castles on the doors were done by Madeleine.

  • coal merchants on the canal

    the late John Forth and Madeleine with their narrowboat, Newdigate, on the Oxford Canal at Jericho

  • cable towage boat

    Port Meadow, Oxford

  • snow-wrapped boat

    Hythe Bridge Moorings, Oxford

  • How did they get up from Plymouth?

    narrowboat visitors to Jericho

  • spring on the canal

    Jericho, Oxford

  • Duke's Cut lock

    Duke's Cut was built in 1789 to link the Oxford Canal with the Thames

  • moored near Isis Bridge

    narrowboat on the Oxford Canal

  • Hiraethlyn at Jericho

    Oxford Canal at Jericho

  • Barling narrowboat

    Oxford Canal at Jericho

  • Aubrey's Lift Bridge at Thrupp

    Bridge 221, Oxford Canal

  • canalside conversation

    Jericho, Oxford

  • Life Goes On

    April snow on the Oxford Canal

  • Bill Badger approaching Jericho

    (passing the ugly Berkeley Homes flats)

  • red and green on the canalside

    Fellows, Morton & Clayton boat at Jericho

  • colourful canalside

    Oxford Canal at Jericho

  • boat, buoy, and bike

    Hythe Bridge Moorings, Oxford

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