• Don't Miss!!

    the main attraction on Magdalen Bridge

  • hospital main entrance

    Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford

  • Queens Lane bus stop

    one of the former cast iron bus stops in Oxford High Street before they were replaced with ugly modern trash

  • Oxford High Street bus stops

    old Queens Lane bus stops before they were replaced with modern trash

  • University on High

    University College, Oxford High Street

  • Queens College

    Oxford High Street

  • co-op litter bin

    Walton Street, Jericho

  • bin and seat at Mount Place

    Oxford City Council wanted to replace them with modern shiny steel but were persuaded that the old ones look better

  • hospital smokers' bin

    Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford

  • hospital smoking area

    seats with ashtrays at Radcliffe Infirmary,

  • rubbish improvements

    Oxford City Council and British Waterways have "improved" the Hythe Bridge pocket park, by cutting down mature trees and installing a shiny metal litter bin. This is supposed to make the canal path entrance "a more welcoming and attractive place"!

  • Turl Street post box

  • old black fox bin

    Walton Street, Jericho

  • Ruskin bin and bus stop

    Walton Street, Jericho

  • Cranham Street bin

    Jericho, Oxford

  • Marlborough litter bin

    Wiltshire bus window shot

  • Salisbury litter bin

  • St Margaret's corner

    roadside crucifix at St Margaret's Church, Oxford

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