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Russell Square
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lest London forgets

lest London forgets
Russell Square, London

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3rd August 2016

A knife-wielding Somalian Muslim went on the rampage in Russell Square, London, just yards from where a bunch of lefties had been staging an anti-Brexit demonstration.

The irony was that an American lady, Darlene Horton, lost her life at this very spot where tributes had been laid to the late MP, Jo Cox, who was murdered six weeks earlier.

Many have been eager to blame the Jo Cox murder on Brexit and "right-wing racism", whilst the Russell Square murder was quickly dismissed as "mental illness". However, some media reports suggest that the knifeman had been reading books advocating violent jihadism

The suspect lives in Tooting. Strange then that he went to the bother of travelling to the other side of London to carry out this so-called "spontaneous attack" caused by "mental illness".
2 years ago. Edited 21 months ago.
Frank Roolooth has replied to Isisbridge
One of his victims was an elderly woman. Many of the Remainers were blaming the older segment of the population for being pro Brexit. The woman was also American so in his mind a legitimate target maybe? The other female victim was an Israeli tourist, in the eyes of an extremist she would also be a legitimate target. So was this really a random moment of mental illness? I somehow doubt it.
2 years ago.
Isisbridge has replied to Frank Roolooth
More likely they were random attacks on whoever had the misfortune to be there at the time. Perhaps he targetted this particular place because of having seen the posters there earlier?
He might have thought it a sick joke to do his killing at the very spot where they were paying tribute to a previous murder victim. Or it may have been because of the proximity to the 7/7 tube attack, but where he thought he stood a better chance of escaping afterwards.
Hope they give him life, and not the soft option of a mental hospital.

Police cover-up?

Nothing to do with Islam
2 years ago. Edited 5 months ago.
autumn in the park
2 years ago.
When, four weeks later, a Polish immigrant is beaten to death by thugs in Harlow, Essex, the murder is described as a "hate crime" and blamed on Brexit. So why is the Russell Square murder not described as a "hate crime" and blamed on islam?
2 years ago. Edited 5 months ago.
Frank Roolooth has replied to Isisbridge
I think it's becoming clear to a lot of people that the news media is very selective in its language and the way it reports news stories. Crime that is commited by vicious teenaged thugs against immigrants is somehow portrayed as the responsibility of anybody and everybody who was in favour of Britain leaving the EU. But if a muslim fanatic kills people on our streets the same news media will be very quick to say that it is no way representative of peace loving muslims or that the murderer was mental. Why is there this discrepancy?
I think a growning number of people are becoming cynical about the way the news is presented to us.

Wanting to leave the EU is a legitimate political aim, just as Poland wanting to free itself from the USSR was a legitimate aim. If Polish thugs had of killed a Russian national it wouldn't mean that the people who supported Polish independence were somehow tarnished or responsible for the crime. The vicious murder of Arkadiusz Jozwik in Harlow was carried out by nasty anti social thugs who no doubt weren't little angels prior to June 23rd 2016. Their kind would most likely turn on anybody who they happened to take a dislike to or who even looked at them the wrong way. I hope these killers in Harlow get locked up for a very long time, I don't condone or make excuses for them, I condemn them. I am in favour of us leaving the EU, I am a peace loving person too as are the overwhelming majority of people who supported Brexit but the news media will never say that about us.
2 years ago.
Isisbridge has replied to Frank Roolooth
It seems that the above report may have been fake news and it was actually a case of the Polish immigrants being 'racist' to the natives. Either way, it had nothing to do with Brexit.

Apparently, the same kind of biased news reporting is going on in Germany.

(URL no longer found. I wonder why?)
2 years ago. Edited 15 months ago.
Frank Roolooth has replied to Isisbridge
I've just clicked on the link and it's working now.
Is the German government supposed to protect it's citizens or not or is it just in the business of manipulating or covering up crime figures so as to hide the consequences of it's own policy of mass migration. If it was Germans committing the same crimes against the new arrivals, the German government would be calling the crimes Race Hate Xenophobic Sex Attacks, Germans would be told to hang their heads in shame, and Merkel would be leading the chorus while protected by her bodyguards.
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
Isisbridge has replied to Frank Roolooth
Better raped than racist, according to Mad Merkel's pathological altruism.

Video has been removed, doubtless due to the massive censorship going on, as it's now considered "racist" to mention a rapist's race or religion or make any criticism of immigration.

Southern-looking rapists:
2 years ago. Edited 17 months ago.
Frank Roolooth has replied to Isisbridge
I doubt that the BBC will give this as much coverage, their agenda is to smear people based on their own biased outlook against anybody who is pro Brexit or to always find guilt where it doesn't exist, but being white British working class is all the evidence of guilt they need. The TV licence fee is a propaganda fee.
15 months ago. Edited 11 months ago.
Isisbridge has replied to Frank Roolooth
And now we have EU Guy Verhofstadt calling the Polish people neo-nazis and fascists because they celebrate their country's independence.

And our government's furore about Trump retweeting videos.
12 months ago. Edited 5 months ago.
Knifeman gets away with murder by playing the SZ card.
Zakaria Bulhan, a 19-year-old Norwegian national of Somali origin, was sentenced to indefinite confinement at Broadmoor Hospital after he admitted to killing American tourist Darlene Horton and wounding five others in a rampage in central London on August 3 2016.

Bulhan, from Tooting, South London, pled guilty at the Old Bailey to "manslaughter by diminished responsibility" on the grounds that he was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the attacks. He had been charged with murder and attempted murder, but the court accepted his plea. During his arrest, Bulhan repeatedly muttered "Allah, Allah, Allah," and police found a Muslim prayer book, "Fortress of the Muslim," in his pants pocket. The court decided that Islam was not a factor in Bulhan's behavior.
21 months ago. Edited 5 months ago.
16 months ago. Edited 5 months ago.