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  • Rindenspringspinne

    Die Rindenspringspinne (Marpissa muscosa) ist eine sehr große Springspinne. Sie lebt auf sonnigen Baumstämmen, Holzstapeln oder wie bei dem fotografierten Exemplar auf einem Pfosten.

  • Follow The Fog

  • Rotmilan auf dem Zug

    Nikon D300 Objektiv Tamron 5,0-6,3 -- 150-600 Iso 800 - freihand -- Luscinia

  • don't tell me lies !

    original photo by gabi fk: www.ipernity.com/home/darkqueen... thank you so much, dear gabi ! model: angie (many thanks, dear angie !) www.ipernity.com/doc/darkqueen/42922124 A HAPPY AND PEACEFUL 2017 FOR US ALL ! ;-)

  • There ain't no midnight train

    I was standin' at the station, ten to midnight in the rain I was mindin' my own bus'ness, waiting for that midnight train Nobody in sight, starin' at my shoes, I took out my paper to find me some good news Mindin' my own bus'ness, when the ticket man cal…
    By Berny

  • Sharing The Last Drop

  • dancing at the beach

    Porvenir - Tierra del Fuego
    By Berny

  • Zippammer

    Zippammer auf einem Pfahl im Weingarten am Rhein Nikon D300 Objektiv Sigma 5,0-6,3 150-500 Iso 800 freihand- Luscinia

  • waterfalls

  • soooo langweilig

  • Neggi

  • stone beach

    Porsangerfjorden - Northern Norway
    By Berny

  • autumn fog over Wuerzburg

  • dancing with stairs

  • anonymous rayures

  • 20080816 9070c

    Here is Mytty from the first foster litter I had (I'm sorry if you already commented the Elfaba picture. I had to remove it because I noticed that I had already posted it previously www.ipernity.com/doc/293269/39603200 )

  • 20161113 5820c

    I just came from our fosters. The one in the front is Mori and in the background is Sora

  • 20150725 1323c

    Looking towards the Tuusulanjärvi lake

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