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  • Ave Maria (Mariusz Domaszewicz)

    Kantas Mariusz Domaszewicz Muziko de Franz Schubert Vortoj de Walter Scott Esperanta traduko de Jan Ziermans (Titolo de la angla ortginalo: Ave Maria) Esperanta teksto: Ave Maria! Virgulin', Aŭskultu virgulinan peton, El sovaĝejo levas sin El t…

  • poignée

  • Promenade nocture

    By Magot

  • abril 2014-1

  • Un temps pour touristes...

    Sur la Seine "historique"

  • Bassin d'Apollon

    Le soleil se couche....

  • Barrington Court - bustalls

  • “I didn't know how to worship until I glimpsed this." ;)

    The fourth largest mosque in the world, Faisal Mosque.
    By NGC300

  • "Canada." ;)

    By NGC300

  • dans les remparts de Brest
    By Gaele

  • le pot rose

    By Gaele

  • Barn on a Hill

    Saw a photo of this barn yesterday, had no intention of photoing it myself and yet, I found myself ahead of schedule for something - as I sometimes do - with time to kill so I just drove around and whaddayaknow, found this barn. The side view is nicer, I…

  • "Once upon a time, we were babies too." ;)

    My niece.
    By NGC300

  • "We all spin a cock and bull story every once in a while." ;)

    While she is away attending a birthday party, I am enjoying the FA Cup final here (move pointer to the top-left corner). ;-)
    By NGC300