Ian Mcgregor's photos

  • Winter Sunrise

    A winter sunrise on the Saskatchewan Prairie. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Sleepless II

    On a still and foggy night. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Lost In Twilight

    In the twilight moments, I lose my thoughts under a beautiful sky. Captured in Saskatchewan, Canada. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Prairie Perfection

    Like a painting, dawn on the Canadian Prairie over a winter landscape illustrating beauty which can only be described as "Prairie Perfection". www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Frosty Road

    Overnight frost blankets the landscape heading down this country road. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Valley Views

    Winter sunrise over the Wascana Valley Nature Recreation Site in Saskatchewan, Canada. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Path to Beautiful

    A sled trail leads towards the rising sun in the winter on the Canadian prairie. Captured in Saskatchewan, Canada. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Winter Views

    A view across the Wascana Valley, Saskatchewan in winter. Captured at dawn. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Twilight Virtuosity

    The spectacular display in the sky over the Wascana Valley Trails in Saskatchewan, Canada at dawn. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Winter Nights

    A city street in the winter. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Twilight Twins

    Five minutes before sunrise the sky lights on fire high above the valley farms. Captured in Saskatchewan Canada near Wascana Valley Trails. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Camilla B. BW 907416

    Model: Camilla B. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Walking in Wascana

    Walking in the Wascana Valley, Saskatchewan at dawn. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Owen

    Studio portrait, single strobe with reflector. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Hayley L. 596116

    www.ianmcgregorphotography.com Model: Haylee L. - Infinity Management

  • Marooned

    Model: Owen M. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • Country Sunrise

    The glow of the distant rising sun behind a rural fence in the winter months on the Canadian prairie. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

  • A Country Walk

    www.ianmcgregorphotography.com Model: Hayley L. - Infinity Management

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