A Winter Street

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A Winter Street

A view down a suburban street in the early winter. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

City Streets

The wet city streets in the early hours. I love the freshness of the morning and the quiet which settles upon the street overnight. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com


Rainy Boulevard

A rainy boulevard on a Sunday morning in October. There is nothing like the quiet of early morning on the city streets, complemented by the petrichor from the wet autumn leaves. Captured in Regina, Saskatchewan. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com



This is a silhouette of metal architecture in the heart of Regina, Saskatchewan. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com


The Twins

Hill Center I and II in Regina, Saskatchewan in monochrome. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com



Between two buildings in the City of Regina, Saskatchewan. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com


A beacon of hope in the freezing winter nights. Captured in the City of Regina, Saskatchewan.

Lakeridge Park

Before dawn in the Autumn looking across Lakeridge Park in Regina, Saskatchewan. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com

Autumn Street

A suburban street in Regina, Saskatchewan lined with autumn trees and a dusting of snow. www.ianmcgregorphotography.com
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