Derelict Farmhouse

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Derelict Farmhouse

Foxton Locks - #'s 8 to 11

Non-return mechanism




According to theoretical physicists we are all made of multi-dimensional subatomic strings. This would explain why some of us are slightly more unravelled than others, and some are a bit frayed around the edges! Inspired by the 365Project abstract mundane theme - thread (or string or rope etc) - this is an image of a single spool of string from our kitchen drawer, copied and pasted and photoshopped and stuff.

UN steps

A sunny day in Geneva and some steps leading to the United Nations building

Red bench

A red bench seen outside a house in Murren, Switzerland. All natural colours - no colour-popping required!

Repainted in Photoshop

The doors are all just varnished - I decided to add a little colour!
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