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  • CA - Tahoe-Donner 09

    I originally was trying to get a picture of the thermometer, but I now realize the icicles on the neighbor's house are far more interesting.

  • CA - Tahoe-Donner 08

    Our little porch area. Someday I'll take pictures of the inside of the house.

  • CA - Tahoe-Donner 07

  • CA - Tahoe-Donner 06

    The garages. Note the sign placed by our neighbor. He was unhappy that the four of us had more than two cars and felt being passive aggressive would help. Fortunately he doesn't spend much time here.

  • CA - Tahoe-Donner 05

    Just an exterior view of the house. It's actually four units, two on each floor.

  • CA - Tahoe-Donner 04

    Those are bear boxes, intended to prevent bear from going through our garbage. I have yet to actually see a bear.

  • CA - Tahoe-Donner 03

    Walking out the door to my car. Note the knee-high snow bank? We may have had a late start, but it keeps coming down.

  • CA - Tahoe-Donner 02

  • CA - Tahoe-Donner 01

    A view of the backyard.

  • ID - Craters of the Moon 37

  • ID - Craters of the Moon 36

  • ID - Craters of the Moon 35

    This tree is the only thing that had snow on it. It appeared to be sandblasted on and thus had some staying power.

  • ID - Craters of the Moon 34

    Note the snow blown into one side of the tree.

  • ID - Craters of the Moon 06

  • ID - Craters of the Moon 05

    Volcanic rock is shiny!

  • ID - Craters of the Moon 04

  • ID - Craters of the Moon 03

  • ID - Craters of the Moon 02

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