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It's hard to tell that the world we live in is eit…

The force to leave love and lose

06 Sep 1938 11 7 92
My great-grandfather (maternal/ father of my grandmother) Erik Mattia. (>>>See PIP) Original the size was ca. about 3,5cm and nearly completely destroyed. Kinks and cracks all over, also on the face, then the grain, the blur. Recovering it, that it is halfway okay again, was a bit tricky. Executed because of denial of command in the age of 28/29. Photo: 1938


01 Sep 1936 10 9 92
From right to left: My beloved grandfather (maternal)- Alfred Adriaan Alexander My greatuncle Heinrich Wilhelm Constantijn and my greatuncle Rudy Joost Heinrich (I love their ears) Picture is very grainy, paper very structured. The Frame I had to renew, it was already nearly destroyed. It's easily detectable, who is my grandfather, the choked down smile says it all. (according to the statement of my mother) Photo: September 1936

Draw a line

06 Sep 1912 12 4 80
My great-grandfather Erik Mattia. It's very interesting, when you can detect the fine details, which you also see in your own face. All of a sudden you can link your self to so many open questions. But then I had the thought, that when you see a picture like this, a Newborn, all this new life, this purity, but now you are in the position, to see this picture and you already know about his end, you know about his story, you draw a complete other line to it. This makes even more visible, how ungraspable and unfair the way of the world often is. You see the beginning of a life and you know it ended in such an annatural way, and even so fast, after 29 years, with the bullet of fanatics. (And then you observe, how fast things become forgotton and how less the human is able to learn. And you think, that there can never be a balance between the things that has been done, which are so heavy-weighting in our history and the insouciance of our time. Like it would be written in it's dna) Photo:1912


26 Jul 1941 15 5 89
From right to left: My beloved grandmother Erika Elizabeth (Lizzy) Adelgunde, my greatuncle Kielijan Erik Teigen, my greataunt Alice Odil Svanhild. (Not on the picture, the second brother of my grandmother: Arthur - born in the end of the war out of difficult circumstances. I like this name, because it means something like "strong as a bear" and also "Eagle"... so being strong and having wings is a wonderful association for a child born of a tragic situation). The picture was made as something personal for my great grandfather, who was at this time already away for a long time; He never saw this picture, it wasn't known, that he already was dead at this time, as he refused the command, shot by the own fellow countrymen, like many others. Photo: 1941.

Dei carboidrati, un po' di energia! Bruschetta!!!…

11 Mar 2020 12 6 87
Bruschetta with tomatoes, zucchini, greek feta, olives and sicilian olive oil. Hap Hap Hap.


10 Mar 2020 25 9 106
Do you know this, when a feeling changes from "I am existing." to an "I am existing and it is okay." ?

Zuppa di pomodoro con formaggio feta greca. Hap Ha…

08 Mar 2020 15 4 55
Today I made the Tomato-Soup, which I love since my childhood, when my grandmother cooked it for me once a week. This was a very good sunday's lunch :)

Pasta e Patate alla Napoletana. Hap Hap Hap.

06 Mar 2020 17 8 87
For today's Dinner i cooked Pasta e Patate. Very delicious and so heavy that I could burst ^^

Enjoying the Life in it's essence. (Only sharing w…

29 Feb 2020 19 20 91
The Farfalle al Salmone, which I cooked today, one of my favorite dishes.

Movements of Déjà-vu. I am the quiet observer of y…

10 Jan 2020 22 6 109
Lights on, switch on ..Your eyes are far away >>>PHOTOGRAPHIC<<<

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23 Feb 2020 18 14 104
(Have you ever been sure your constitution's strong enough for me?) >>>WLL<<<

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01 Feb 2020 23 8 110
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06 Sep 2019 19 5 82
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01 Apr 2018 22 3 67
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