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iPod Shuffle2 - Paris Marquis [ Taxi Parisien ]

iPod Shuffle2 - Paris Marquis [ Taxi Parisien ]
Metal Urbain - "Paris Marquis" - Play this track here.

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This track, a slab of French electro punk from 1978 was pioneering indie label Rough Trade's catalogue number 001. Its in a giant box of vinyl singles in my loft, a bit scratchy and battered!

I have heard it said that the world was probably not quite ready for them at the time. Not fitting into any cosy new wave pigeonhole. Not electronic enough to be classed with the Sheffield set of the (old Ware-Marsh-Oakey) Human League / Cab Voltaire, not punky enough to be filed with Clash or Buzzcocks.

As a side note, check our the HM's 'Being Boiled' and the excellently surreal 'Black Hit Of Space' (I reached for the tone arm which was less than 1 micron long but weighed more than Saturn and timestood still ... Get James Burke on the case... Genius Lyrics )

Métal Urbain was one of the first French punk groups, formed in 1976 in Paris. They were heavily influenced by The Clash and The Sex Pistols on one hand, and on the other by an electro approach related to Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed.

They relied on heavily distorted guitars and replaced the traditional rock rhythm section of bass guitar/drums with a synthesizer and drum machine, a then-unique approach that foreshadowed the experimental possibilities that were explored by later post-hardcore bands such as Big Black. They were also known for their radical image (the color scheme of albums always being a stark black, white and red), and subversive lyrics sung in French.

They were met with much enthusiasm in England, particularly by John Peel and the Rough Trade label. (Métal Urbain's single "Paris Maquis" was Rough Trade's first release.) They had an enthusiastic but small audience in France, receiving little exposure. The punk rock scene was not as popular in France as it was in England, and they did not interest the French media as English bands like the Sex Pistols did. As a result, the band broke up by 1979, though members scattered to form such groups as Metal Boys, Doctor Mix and the Remix, and Desperados, as well as joining Ashpalt Jungle.

Métal Urbain had focused their efforts on singles, and only produced one album, Les hommes morts sont dangereux, during their first period of activity . However, several compilation records were released, gathering their singles with additional material such as BBC sessions and live recordings.

Their electro approach was very innovative for its time, and the group are a reference point for such groups as The Jesus and Mary Chain, Bérurier Noir, and the producer Steve Albini.

The French capital had 15,500 taxis Parisian beginning 2007. Taxi stations are organized into three categories: 28 major stations are installed near the main sites of tourist or large places of the city with taxis present 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 90 district stations located near the main interchanges and 316 local stations located near public buildings (hospitals, hotels, theatres...) .

A taxi is free when this luminous roof device is illuminated in white or green, and repeaters off globes. When it is busy, the luminous roof device is turned off or lit in red and the Repeater globe is illuminated in white (A rate), orange (tariff B) or blue (tariff C), depending on the time13. Parisian taxis perform on average 200,000 journeys every day. Whatever tariff you may be on, ensure you have a pocket full of Euros, fives and tens are most useful.

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