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  • Hand-held touch keyer

  • Weatherproof LiFePO4 battery pack and voltage indicator

  • Weatherproof LiFePO4 battery pack and voltage indicator

  • Weatherproof LiFePO4 battery pack and voltage indicator

  • Weatherproof LiFePO4 battery pack and voltage indicator

  • Possum • Didelfo

    A surprisingly unafraid (or perhaps simply cold and exhausted) possum in the snow. Rattlesnake Hill Wildlife Management Area, south of Nunda, New York, USA.

  • West Italy Hill (W2/WE-096)

    Operating from the edge of a drop-off as the snow falls.

  • West Italy Hill (W2/WE-096)

    This leg-mounted sideswiper key works really nicely when it's dry. I found out the hard way that snow will quickly short out the contacts.

  • West Italy Hill (W2/WE-096)

    A view from the drop-off before a snow squall turned the air opaque!

  • Finger Lakes Trail, en route to West Italy Hill (W2/WE-096)

  • Working a pileup on 20m from atop Worden Hill (W2/WE-069)

    [en] The orange safety hat is my attempt to avoid getting shot; it's hunting season, and to the untrained eye, hams can sometimes look like deer… [eo] Mi portas buntaĉe oranĝan ĉapelon por ke ĉasantoj ne akcidente pafmortigu min. Mezarbare, se oni ne zor…

  • Looking west from atop Worden Hill (W2/WE-069)

    [eo] Jen vidaĵo okcidenten de la montosupro. Somere, nenio videblas krom folioj!

  • Looking north from Gannett Hill

    [en] Route 33 snakes through the valley below. At right, Stid Hill (W2/WE-070). [eo] Vojo n-ro 33 serpentumas norden tra la valo sub la monteto Gannett Hill. Dekstre videblas la monteto Stid Hill (W2/WE-070).

  • SOTA pack • Mia SOTA-ekiparo

    [en] This plastic pistol case from Amazon (only 13.5" x 10.13" x 3") is the perfect size for a compact transceiver, power supply, antenna, and keyer. Total weight with gear is about 3.5 lbs. [eo] Tiu ĉi plasta pistolujo de Amazon (nur 35 x 26 x 8 cm) per…

  • The contents • La enhavo

    [en] The homebrew gear, clockwise from top left: a waterproof 12V NiMH battery pack with fuse and voltage meter; 3W CW transceiver for 20 meters; tuner and SWR bridge for end-fed half-wave antennas; handheld key / keyer / sideswiper. Stubby feet shown for…

  • Frostigita akvofalo

    [eo] La akvofalo Taughannock [ta'genik] en vintro. Je 66 metroj alta, ĝi estas unu el la plej altaj akvofaloj en orienta Usono – eĉ iomete pli alta ol la fama Niagara. Ŝtatparko Taughannock Falls. Okcidenta Novjorkio, Usono. [en] Taughannock Falls in win…

  • Buffalo, Buffalo Elvis buffalo, buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

    [eo]: Elvis, bubalforme. Artaĵo titolita Buffalo Beaujolais. Parto de la publika artprojekto Herd About Buffalo, kun 154 vitrofibraj skulptaĵoj dise tra la urbcentro. Buffalo, Novjorkio, Usono. [en]: Elvis in quadruped form. A sculpture entitled Buffalo…

  • Leontodo / Dandelion

    [eo] Parko de la valo Genesee. Roĉestro, Novjorkio, Usono. [en] Genesee Valley Park. Rochester, NY, USA. (Ŝlosilo: 2001.06.12-19.00.22)

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