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  • Wolseley Six

    Wolseley-badged version of the Landcrab.

  • Volkswagen Golf LD

    LD means it's the diesel model.

  • Vauxhall Omega Police Car

    This ex-police car was here, but the livery suggests it was out of area. West Yorkshire Police cars at that time didn't seem to use the blue/yellow Battenburg design, just a yellow stripe.

  • Vauxhall Omega Police Car Controls

    I think there were more buttons further down too.

  • Vauxhall Nova Merit

    2 door saloon!

  • Subaru MV 284 1800 4WD Pickup

    Usually known as the Brat, but officially known as the "MV" in the UK. Not sure what the 284 is for.

  • Porsche 944

    The 944 is still quite affordable, but the 924 is more my budget level.

  • Mercedes-Benz 220

    Registered 1969, so a very early example of the W115 generation.

  • Ford Transit

    MK2 model panel van, also Twin Wheel.

  • Ford Transit

    MK1 model, Twin Wheel.

  • Ford Galaxie 500

    The Galaxie is a fullsize car and they were popular with the police.

  • Ford Fairlane 500

    Intermediate-sized car, pillarless hardtop.

  • Ford Escort XR3

    Old XR3 with distinctive Cloverleaf wheels.

  • Dodge Spacevan

    Used recently on the TV drama "The Field of Blood".

  • Daimler Sovereign

    Pub landlord muscle car.

  • Citroën CX

    CX with the suspension set to the highest level by the looks of it.

  • Buick Eight

    Not sure of the trim level. Special?

  • BMW 318is

    The 318is is quite fast, I'm told.

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