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  • Waterspray

  • A photographer

  • Autumn

  • Lady in red

  • Hobby of the 8 weeks old

  • Father and son

  • Freezing night

  • The northern lights and "Imagine peace" tower

    This is picture is taken from our home by me and my husband. There is the northern lights and the artwork made by Yoko Ono that she calls Imagine Peace.

  • Those autumn colours

  • Only sky jump arena in the country

  • The white is not snow

  • Puffins

  • The view

  • Power of the earth

    On sunday 28´th of March I decided to hike toward a small eruption that was going on in a popular hiking path that I have been through number of times. Although it is winter here in Iceland, I could not resist this opportunity. While we started this tri…

  • I desperately want to go out instead of working

  • Draumaveröld

    Ég áttaði mig allt í einu á því að ég hafði gleymt að setja þessa mynd inn. Hún er tekin í Osló í nóvember við óperuhúsið þeirra við höfnina. Upplifðum við þetta yndislega sólsetur.

  • My favorite swimmingpool

    Imagine lying in the hot tub and enjoying this view. The best :)

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