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  • "Non, c'est normal : les dénonciateurs dénoncent, les cambrioleurs cambriolent, les assassins assassinent, les amoureux s'aiment." - À bout de souffle


  • Un verre, un livre, une cigarette.

    A glass, a book, a cigarette.

  • Murmure

    http://soubconceptoual.blogspot.com/2011 /08/je-dis-jedi.html © bertrand bonnafous

  • Budapest (liberté)

    By Jack

  • Budapest

    By Jack

  • Annecy

    By Jack

  • Orange

    By Jack

  • Ardèche

    By Jack

  • there

    somewhere they were
    By mo |

  • postcards from

    By mo |

  • against all odds

    " there's a possibility . .. i want to believe that , i do . " she said . .
    By mo |

  • Entrez, si vous le désirez, dans la cité cendrée.

  • Vers la mort.

  • moving somewhere between

    the white tigers he heard the butterflies .. in the jungle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YA1CY95mj yU
    By mo |

  • forgotten

    memories and a damaged pinhole image ...
    By mo |

  • while the world

    was flying bye i haven't been gone very long , but it feels like a life time
    By mo |

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