Haute Cime des Dents du Midi (3257 m)

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Are we there yet?!

No we aren't. This is after 3 hours of walking, 900 m of height difference done, 1100 more to come... See notes.

Are we still not there yet?!?!

No, we aren't. This is after five and a half hours and 1800 m of ascent, 200 more to go.


Seen from the summit.

Dents Blanches

Doigts de Salanfe, Dent Jaune, L'Éperon, La Cathédrale, La Forteresse, Cime de l'Est.

All the way down

View towards the beautiful Pyramid of Tour Sallière (3220 m).


On the summit of Haute Cime (3257 m), with the rest of the Dents Blanches to the North-East directly in front of me.

Almost back.

View back towards the Pas d'Encel in the evening, after eleven hours of walking, one more to go.