Henry Volt

Henry Volt

Posted on 10/29/2006

Photo taken on October 29, 2006

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Arcalod 18 - Near miss

Arcalod 18 - Near miss
On the way back I looked for and found this rock. On my way up, it almost killed me - or whatever it is these fellows do when hitting you on the head falling down from 30 m higher up. I don't really want to know. It rushed down past me at about five metres distance, and this is only because I had stopped for having a mouthful of water from the bottle in my backpack. When I heard it, it was already too late to react, and even a helmet wouldn't have saved me (so much for the "equipment"). I didn't even have time to be frightened. Just lucky, I guess - as always. The young blonde and her posh Swiss boyfriend who stepped it loose didn't even bother to shout a warning or to apologize later.

Time perhaps for some words to all you Sunday hikers out there: be responsible! Walk carefully on rocky ground and try not to become assassins by stepping loose rocks. And when you do despite being careful (it can happen), you usually shout (SHOUT, not whisper) "Caillou!" (if it's a small one) or "Pierre!" if it's a big one like that. Do not just look at it tumbling down with your mouth gaping wide open...