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  • and William can be dangerous as well...

  • and so is William (grown up)... he can be so cute

  • Voltaire is grown up

  • Wandelnde Blätter

    (best to see on black)

  • in memoriam

    This picture is more than a year old.. I just found it... and I hope there is a nice heaven for nice flowers :-)

  • what kind of Job will this be?

  • the second try...

    looks quite "holy" to me :-)

  • application photo

    Yesterday evening my friend Mary asked me to take some photos for an application. This was the first to warm up :-)

  • Sir Voltaire

    As a big brother he has to be reputable... and sometimes he is :-) (he is 15 monthes old now)

  • Teddies

    No complaints please.. we did not allow him to play with his toy :-)...I know it can be dangerous.

  • peace

    Sometimes they are just tired, but not very often :-)

  • my best boots

    William is still a destroyer - but a charming one. The boot he killed was few days old and quite expensive. Seems he has a good taste.

  • I'm walking....

  • Voltaires newest toy....

  • William

    Our family is growing.. now I have to live with three men. This is William. He is four monthes old - we found him in an animal shelter. His size is already close to Voltaires, means he will end up arround something like 40-50 kg.... He arrived yesterday…

  • anchor

    Zürich Streetparade 2010

  • skin and metal

    Zürich Streetparade 2010 best on black

  • Tattoo (??)

    Zürich Street Parade 2010

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