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HFF from the whole gang! :) ...and for Sight and Sound: James Gang from their album "James Gang Rides Again" (1970) Funk #49 Joe Walsh live: Funk #49

Little Green

This week in SSC: Something green! We have a lot of green in our house. These curtains hang around the bay window. Happy St. Patrick's Day! :) ...and for Sight and Sound Joni Mitchell from her album "Blue" (1971) Little Green Little Green Little Green


This week in SSC: "Fill the Frame" (Looks best on black) And for Sight and Sound The soulful sound of Mr. Al Green from his album "I'm Still In Love With You" (1972) I'm Still In Love With You I'm Still In Love With You


I found this little guy creepin' around in the rocks while I was weeding. (Looks cutest on full screen. :) For Sight and Sound: Stevie Wonder from his album "Fullfillingness" (1974) Creepin' Creepin'


A couple of lovely Mourning Doves (PIP) I chose one of my favorite "bird" songs for Sight and Sound to go with my photos. If you'd like to know what the inspiration was for this song you can read about it here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Bird_(song) It's kinda cool how there were right here in Seattle when they conceived it: It's a Beautiful Day from 1969 White Bird White Bird

Cold Turkey

These are Turkeytail mushrooms (Trametes versicolor) with frost on them. It is said that they have some amazing health benefits: Turkey Tail Mushrooms (Looks best big.) John Lennon from his album "Live Peace in Toronto" (1969) Live: Cold Turkey Album: Cold Turkey or Cold Turkey

Cat in the Window

For Sight and Sound Petula Clark from her 1967 single Cat in the Window Cat in the Window


This week in SSC: Use Post Processing on your photo of choice. Since last week was "no processing" whatsoever, this week "The sky's the limit!" I took a photo of some petunias and gave it an "oil painting" effect. I'll include the original in below. ...and for Sight and Sound: Bread from 1971: If If


This week in SSC: "Anything Red" Lots of red here. These are two Valentine gifts. A card from my sister and a little box from my son. ...and for Sight and Sound "Heart" from their album "Dog and Butterfly" (1978) Dog and Butterfly Dog and Butterfly
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