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This week in SSC: Use Post Processing on your photo of choice. Since last week was "no processing" whatsoever, this week "The sky's the limit!" I took a photo of some petunias and gave it an "oil painting" effect. I'll include the original in below. ...and for Sight and Sound: Bread from 1971: If If


This week in SSC: "Anything Red" Lots of red here. These are two Valentine gifts. A card from my sister and a little box from my son. ...and for Sight and Sound "Heart" from their album "Dog and Butterfly" (1978) Dog and Butterfly Dog and Butterfly

HFF, everybody!

HFF from Molly and me. :)

Follow Me

Sight and Sound Further adventures of this year's twins. (Looks nice on black) John Denver from his album "Take Me to Tomorrow" (1970) Follow Me or here: Follow Me ...and here's a really sweet live performance with Beverly Sills: Follow Me

Hummingbird and Verbena

Sight and Sound George Winston from his album "Summer" (1991) Hummingbird or Hummingbird

On the Waters...

Lilies on the pond (try it on black) Bread from their "On the Waters" album (1970) (This is the only link I could find. Hope it works!) The Other Side of Life


HFF, everybody! :) A light summer breeze was blowing across the water while these lovely sculptures enjoyed an evening by the sea. Seals and Crofts from their album "Summer Breeze" (1972) Summer Breeze or here Summer Breeze


HFF ~ To the Sea!

HFF! ♪ ♫ Come with me to the sea! ♫ ♪ Robert Plant from the album "Honeydrippers Vol. 1" (1984) Live: Sea of Love Album: Sea of Love or here Sea of Love


Echinacea (coneflower) This song was released as a single by "Wallace Collection" back in 1969. ♪ ♫ Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers For a couple of hours on a beautiful day ♪ ♫ Daydream or here: Daydream or maybe here: Daydream
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