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Altar in der Wallfahrtskirche St. Mariä in Marienbaum, Niederrhein

the funky eye

Der Meister des Funk Maceo Parker bzw. sein Auge wurde da mit dem 400er und ISO 4000 bei einem Konzert herangezogen. see PiP

Life Lives Forward

*We can only really understand our lives by looking back on things we've already done. But we can't spend all our time living in the past, so we need to take what we've learned from our experiences and use it to make new decisions in the future. Shows Well Black and Large Font:Dancin In The Rain Abstract Image: mine *Source: www.shmoop.com/quotes/life-can-only-be-understood-backwards.html

Two's Company

One of the earliest versions of “two is company, three's a crowd” was recorded in 1678 by John Ray, in his collection English Proverbs, p.471 A way of asking a third person to leave because you want to be alone with someone. (Often implies that you want to be alone with the person because you are romantically interested in him or her.) - (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms) This pops on black/large. Source: english.stackexchange.com/questions/319848/the-origin-of-two-is-company-three-is -a-crowd…

Lyon (69) 23 décembre 2012.

le soleil descend,

pas de trucage,, on dirait la lune, mais non c'est bien le soleil - 17 h 34
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