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Larchmont, NY

Scissors, Paper . . .

Close to two years ago, the kids' Aunt Cathy sent me a book called Feathers. Changed how I think about things. This picture was snapped by the Fisherman. I may not have picked the sharpest one he took.

Halloween !

Pop-up card from the kids' Aunt Cathy. Funfun. I still have the Christmas one.

“Preoccupied with a single leaf you won't see the tree.” ― Vagabond

Salut c'est GIGI, bonne journée à tous !!

On black

reflet-l'oeil de ma petite fille

De las sombras y la luz


Palacio Ducal de Venecia.

Quand tout va mal ...j'enfile mon entonnoir ~%{}....

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