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Five's alive

Frank Sinatra - Luck Be A Lady

Bubbles 1

The theme for Macro Monday this week is bubbles. A difficult challenge without another pair of hands. I tried bubbles in the bath, floating bubbles and bubbles blown through a demolished old biro The best colours were from the photos taken outside, but it was difficult to catch unburst bubbles until there was a covering of light drizzle on the paving stones which maintained the surface tension better, but very soon it became too windy. Here are some trials in the PiPs. The most useless one is an impre…

Meanwhile under the sea...

20ème printemps...

www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZGg9oD2ohQ Les Quatre Saisons, La Défense, Paris/Courbevoie (je n'ai pas trouvé sur deezer l'original du concerto chanté par Danielle Licari, plus éthéré; mais sur youtube oui...)

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en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anigozanthos www.ipernity.com/doc/297719/26715043/in/group/28962

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Cineraria (Senecio hybridus) 018 copy

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