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Sterling Silver Quaich decorated in the Niello style in Baghdad for presentation to the Chieftain of the Caledonian Society of Iraq, in 1932.

The engravings show typical river scenes from the Tigris and Euphrates, including rivercraft, and Marsh Arabs' distinctive reed housing (on the other side). The recipient was an Advisor to King Ghazi, and responsible for civil works on the Tigris and Euphrates, navigational channels and bridges, etc. The quaich was made in Sheffield in 1932 by Martin Hall and Co Limited, in their Shrewsbury works, and is numbered 5973 on its base. It is fiendishly difficult to photograph silver to avoid reflections. In thi…

Sterling silver creamer by Harry Synyer and Charles Joseph Beddoes of Vyse Street Birmingham, sterling silver, hall marked 1930

Seen in a jewellers shop in Aberdeen

Photographing silver using a lightbox to avoid unwanted shadows and reflections.

Anyone for some punch?

Sterling silver and gilt punch bowl, 1906 from the U.S.S. Maryland. At what stage did the USA ban alcohol on board US Navy vessels? I wonder who thought: no point in having that silver any more!

The Rothschild's Family Tree in sterling silver, in the Esterhazy Palace


Ein nobles Zäunchen! HFF


Zäunchen mit Wärterhäuschen


Gässchen in Torbole


Two little Seagulls relaxing

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