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Canada Place Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada Place the starting place of our cruise to Fort Lauderdale


Anna Paulowna, Dierentuin, Landgoed Hoenderdaell, Zoo

Last prayer

Ibis eats chick

Rüppels Vulture

Sunrise at Stompetoren

Rustenburg Sunrise

Rustenburg, Hoornsevaart, molen, reflectie, zonsopgang, TOP

It is the end of Ipernity

Thanks everybody for enjoying my pictures on Ipernity. Knowing now the end is near I feel too disappointed to continue my contributions. This one - maybe symbolic - will be the last one. I hope we will meet again somewhere, some time ....................... My photo's are always to be seen on www.facebook.com/jan.hemels.1

Flight mode 1............

Sunday morning

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