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  • Maybe Bacchus??


    These birds find plenty to eat from worms to seeds to tiny insects. Ces oiseaux trouvent tout plein à manger, depuis les vers jusqu'aux graines...

  • Nagykáta

  • It will be great when it's done

    By ypell

  • la belle étable

  • Loriot doré

    === Photo : Dixi - Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 - GFDL === ===


    Cycles and posters outside a church in Cambridge (UK)
    By Adam *

  • 12-L724136aR - 2 helle Seerosen

    12-L724136aR - 2 helle Seerosen
    By uwe162

  • mountain_mirror

    Önundarfjörður - westfjords
    By Berny

  • hellental

    By awie65

  • Les naufragés du temps - 10 -

    Fond noir plein écran

  • Parque Nacional Vicente Perez Rosales


    No camines delante de mí puede que no te siga. No camines detrás de mí, puede que no te guíe. Camina junto a mí y sé mi amigo. Albert Camus

  • reflexions

  • Newport News

    Taken on the Christopher Newport campus in Newport News, Virginia. The art building is very nice. I might end up going here next year but it's all up in the air.

  • Ebb and Flow...

    ...Religions Come, Religions Go... Head of Aphrodite - found in Athens Agora - 1st Century AD - Defaced with Christian marks on forehead and chin. (Please view in larger sizes for best effect)

  • 12082012612

    By Anjo

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