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  • Another self

  • My childhood home

    This is my childhood home, it was built in 1906 as a school house and used as such. When the "new" school was built it was turned into apartments. In 2005 it had almost been destroyed by neglect when it was bought by someone who renovated it totally and…
    By Pixie

  • roof idylls

    By Berny

  • on the beach..(pip)

    Fundstück am Strand :-) Kleiner Ball ganz groß !

  • Castelluccio di Norcia

    Pian Grande

  • Pian Grande

    Parco Naz. dei Sibillini - Italia

  • Isole Eolie


  • Patagonia Argentina

    Perito Moreno

  • Pian Grande "La Fiorita"

    Parco Nazionale M. Sibillini - Umbria

  • Pian Grande "La Fiorita"

    Parco Nazionale M. Sibillini - Umbria

  • Socrates seeking Alcibiades in the house of Aspasia

    Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904) (1861) Aspasia, mistress, hetaera or courtesan of the Athenian statesman Pericles and a vivid figure in Athenian society. Although Aspasia came from the Greek Anatolian city of Miletus and was not a citizen of Athens, she liv…

  • old AND old :o)

    That is - old picture AND an old house :o) Have been looking through some b&W shots and decided they are my fave at the moment ;o) Did upload this one in color last year also..

  • Rue sombre & lampadaire / Street lamp and narrow street in the dark - Båstad / Suède - Sweden. 23-10- 2008- Photo ancienne - Vintage

    Création photofiltre / Photofilter creation Je ne pouvais laisser cette vision périr dans mes souvenirs de voyage ! Je vous l'offre avec tout mon coeur ! How could I let it go in my vulnerable memory......I had to immortalize it ! Enjoy !

  • finally sunrise

    with a crowd of (very tiny) seagulls .......
    By Berny

  • Fjaðrárgljúfur

  • Lakagigar

  • Lakagigar

  • Lakagigar

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