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  • old AND old :o)

    That is - old picture AND an old house :o) Have been looking through some b&W shots and decided they are my fave at the moment ;o) Did upload this one in color last year also..

  • Rue sombre & lampadaire / Street lamp and narrow street in the dark - Båstad / Suède - Sweden. 23-10- 2008- Photo ancienne - Vintage

    Création photofiltre / Photofilter creation Je ne pouvais laisser cette vision périr dans mes souvenirs de voyage ! Je vous l'offre avec tout mon coeur ! How could I let it go in my vulnerable memory......I had to immortalize it ! Enjoy !

  • finally sunrise

    with a crowd of (very tiny) seagulls .......
    By Berny

  • Sunset

    Sonnenuntergang an der Atlantikküste bei Arcachon. Foto hat meine Tochter Laura gemacht!

  • Istanbul twilight

    this is just a crop from the pic before......4:00 in the morning before sunrise
    By Berny

  • Istanbul pastel....

    better view on black..........
    By Berny

  • Hagia Sofia Sunrise

    By Berny

  • no girl in sight.....

    see photo before......
    By Berny

  • Morro da Providencia, Rio de Janeiro

    die älteste Favela in Rio

  • Pont neuf

    By MarieN

  • new job......

    I just want to inform you, that I’ve changed my job. I’m now trading oranges (peeled and unpeeled) and fresh bananas on a large scale. Here you see my business associate Omara, she’s the CEO, I’m actually only the technical director, who is managing the v…
    By Berny

  • sea of ships

    By Berny

  • the shoe cleaner

    By Berny

  • street prayers

    By Berny

  • Turkish Stars

    Airpower 2009, today in Zeltweg/Styria......it fits very well to my stream of Istanbul (Photo by my son Philipp, treatment by Berny)...... see also the stream of Chris82 http://www.ipernity.com/doc/chris82/5241 666?from=5250389&at=1246225911
    By Berny

  • Morning sun with clouds

    Morgensonne mit Wolken

  • Old Men Cafe

    Cafe in Anadolu Kavagi ........better view on black.......
    By Berny

  • Living at the Bosporus

    By Berny

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