Sony Alpha A230

Sony Alpha a230 DSLR

I bought this Sony DSLR to replace the Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D DSLR that I wore out. It had pretty much the same features, so it seemed like a perfect replacement.

Sony Alpha A230

Bale Of Hay

Pepper No. 1

26 Aug 2013 1 1 286
I bought this pepper because it looked so photogenic. Setup: The pepper was positioned on black velvet and one off-camera flash triggered manually from the left. On the right side of the pepper, I had a white reflector to bounce a little light to the dark side of the pepper. (Sounds like a Pink Floyd record....) The camera was securely mounted on a tripod and the exposure lasted for 15 seconds. Camera: Sony Alpha a230 dslr Focal length: 50mm ISO: 100 Exposure program: Manual Aperture: f/36 Shutter speed: 15 secs. Date: October 19th, 2012, 11.54.38 p.m. Location: Dining Room Table, Norris City, Illinois, U.S.A.

Setting Sun

05 Mar 2014 3 2 177
March 18th, 2013.

1937 Auburn Boattail Speedster

15 May 2013 1 225
This car looked pretty good, so if it was a reproduction, it was as good looking as the original to my eyes.

Drive In

02 Jun 2013 2 150
Mr. D's drive-in, located in Benton, Illinois. I can highly recommend the food there.

The Obsidian Lion

02 Jul 2013 2 341
i am the obsidian lion stalking deeper into the night my prey is lost on the streets and I am forsaken to the dawn life and death and release are a trick of the mind fool me once again and i will find you

Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me

11 Jan 2013 1 168
My ex-girlfriend, Carla. The record album cover says it all....


24 Mar 2013 1 205
My (ex-) girlfriend, Carla, photographed looking out of the hotel window in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

Rolling Fields Of Grain

18 Jun 2013 2 1 259
The wide-open fields around Opdyke, Illinois.

Not What You Think!

18 Jun 2013 2 159
No, it's not the Washington Monument. I didn't even have to leave Illinois to get this shot! It's located in Mt. Vernon, Illinois and is pretty tall in itself.

Foggy Farmland Morning

09 Jan 2013 308
This was taken one morning just before the sun had risen high enough to burn off the fog. Taken on January 9th, 2013, at 9.26 a.m.

Seagull You Fly

21 Jan 2013 1 229
A seagull flying at the Port of Grafton lighthouse, near Grafton, Illinois.

Port of Grafton

10 Jul 2013 1 275
This is not really a lighthouse, but a building made to look like one. Found in the town of Grafton, Illinois.

Flaps Down

03 Mar 2015 1 178
Seagull Alton, Illinois Sony Alpha a230 January 21st, 2013 1.27 p.m.

Garden Of The Gods

24 Apr 2018 1 189
Some of the magnificent and extremely old rock formations found at the Garden of the Gods Park, located in the Shawnee National Forest. It was just after a brief rain shower, so there are still some darker clouds showing. There were a couple eagles flying overhead and I happened to spot this one while taking a break on the trail and waited for him to get in a good position.

Thrall's Opera House, New Harmony, Indiana

12 Jul 2013 393
Known as Harmonists, society members built three towns: Harmony (1804-1814), along the Connoquenessing River in Butler County, Pennsylvania; New Harmony (1814-1824) along the Wabash River in Southern Indiana; and Economy (1824-1906), along the Ohio River in Pennsylvania near Pittsburg. Several hundred members of the religious communal society emigrated with their leader, Johann 'George' Rapp (1757-1847), from Württemberg in the Rhineland, to America between 1803 and 1804. From 1805, until the society's legal dissolution in 1906, the Harmonists amassed considerable wealth in preparation for the coming new heaven and earth. When originally constructed by the Harmonists, this building served as a communal dormitory for the single men in Father George Rapp's religous society. At that time, it was known as Rooming House 4. After the Harmonists sold New Harmony to Robert Owen in January 1825, it became a community building where lectures, dances and other social activities were held. It was known as the Union Hall in 1859 when it was purchased by the Dramatic Association and became the second largest theatre and ballroom in Indiana. Eugene S. Thrall bought and improved the building in 1888, adding the front facade, cherry paneling, arches over the windows and door and a curved balcony. Serving primarily as a theatre until 1910, the structure was turned into a gas station in 1914. Double doors were installed in front to accommodate cars, the backstage area served as a grease pit and the balcony was used as auto parts storage. Purchased by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources in 1964, the structure underwent major renovations. Today, Thrall's Opera House hosts weddings, lectures, musical programs, small conferences, and balls. A grand piano sits on the deep stage in the main room where once automobiles sat, waiting to be repaired.

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