Posted on 08/27/2016

Photo taken on August 27, 2016

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Centon DF-300

Centon DF-300
I just got this camera earlier this week and ran a roll of black and white film through it yesterday. It takes the Minolta MD mount lenses, and you can see I've got one on in the picture. The reason it takes the Minolta mount lenses is because it is an officially licensed camera by Minolta, made in the Chinese Seagull factory and is actually a rebadged Minolta X-300. When Minolta moved their production to China in 1990, they had the Seagull factory take over building their manual-focus cameras. This was one such camera and Seagull used many different names for this camera. I have found at least 13 different names their Minolta X-300 copy went under.

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Alain Gauthier
Alain Gauthier
This "new" Minolta model just shows at least one thing: the relocalisation of manufacturers under the beginning of the neo-liberal economy during the 90s.
I tend to believe these Minolta bodies are cheaper because made out of cheaper material, unless Minolta, while subcontracting this, forced the Chinese to follow certains procedures.
This subject is very interesting. There could be some researches made over many third party manufacturers like Vivitar and so many others. Something, the results are quite honest, other times it is a deception.
Hopefully your camera will last long enough.
2 years ago.