Posted on 07/03/2014

Photo taken on July  3, 2014

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That'll Be $64.25, Please

That'll Be $64.25, Please
That's how much it took to fill up the gas tank on my car. Has anybody noticed the extremely high cost of living these days?

Camera: $10 Shift 3 mini digital camera (Vivitar Mini Digital clone)
Resolution: .1 megapixels
Lens focal length: f=3.9mm
Exposure setting: Automatic
Aperture: f/2.8
Shutter speeds: 1/60 to 1/1500 sec.
Date: September 3rd, 2011
Location: Wayne City, Illinois, U.S.A.


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Shuttering Yukon
Shuttering Yukon
gas is sure costly up here, $1.43 a liter and I think if we multiply that by 4 that is a gallon (I think) Going into a gas station is something I have not done in y.e.a.r.s! We have an account at a bulk plant and we have a card... you pump it yourself and the bill comes in the mail.. It's cheaper and you also avoid that junk food buying while you are there.
3 years ago.
s@ssyl@ssy has replied to Shuttering Yukon
Me too !!!! Cheaper & faster, never have to wait or talk to a living soul :D
3 years ago.
Shuttering Yukon has replied to s@ssyl@ssy
yea baby, that's my girl!
3 years ago.
HaarFager has replied to Shuttering Yukon
Remember when you could pull into a gas station and never have to get out of your car? You didn't have to worry about all that junk because the station didn't sell it. They would wash your windows, check your oil and fill it up and it was much cheaper and better than it is now.
3 years ago.
Shuttering Yukon has replied to HaarFager
hey I remember getting change back from a fiver filling an empty tank in my beetle...

Once I had to go to a 'real' gas station here.. (my card wouldn't work at the card~lock) the guy asked if I wanted my oil checked... so I said "I'll make you a deal, if you can find the dipstick my gas is free"!!
So being a cocky man there is no possible way in hell a woman could fool him..he bets me.. he lost! But my gas was like 80 bucks and he said the deal was off, I never did tell him where the dipstick was!
at the time I drove a 1992 Toyota Previa.. do you know where the dipstick is without cheating?
3 years ago. Edited 3 years ago.
s@ssyl@ssy has replied to Shuttering Yukon
...hey I had a beetle too, what color was yours??
Had 3 heaters in it & none of them worked...
had to scrape the frost off the iNSiDE of the windows & roll them down to drive :D
(:|:) too fun :))))
3 years ago.
Shuttering Yukon has replied to s@ssyl@ssy
red hot, super beetle.. but it had an injector problem and it would just quit when I was driving down the road, because it was standard all you had to do was push the clutch in and 'bum start' it.. but it was annoying
3 years ago.