Posted on 07/01/2014

Photo taken on July  1, 2014

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Cheese Press

Cheese Press
Here's a picture showing the process of making my second batch of cheddar cheese. In this image, the cheese is being pressed and I'm using the cheese press that my late Father made. I happened to find it wrapped up in the basement and knew immediately what it was. I'll bet Dad would be glad to know that his press actually works and is being used to finally make some cheese.

The clear jug of water on top weighs exactly 10 pounds. The recipe I use calls for 10 pounds of pressure for 15 minutes, followed by 40 pounds of pressure for 12 hours. And then finishes off with 50 pounds of pressure for 24 hours. By Wednesday, this batch will be pressed and ready to start drying. You can see a white liquid coming out on the right - that's the whey and all liquid has to be removed from the cheese so it can age properly. If it was wet, it would not last during the aging process.

Shuttering Yukon
Shuttering Yukon
can you collect and use the whey for something? like add it to your curds?

This is quite interesting Kenny, I have never made cheese.
4 years ago.
HaarFager has replied to Shuttering Yukon
You can use the whey to make Ricotta cheese, which I did and will continue to do. (It's like a free bonus!) The first batch of Ricotta I made went into the lasagna I made last night. Nothing like fresh Ricotta in lasagna!

Actually, very little of it gets squeezed out during this process compared to the approximately gallon and a half that gets poured out when the curds get hardened.
4 years ago. Edited 4 years ago.