Calopteryx splendens, male


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So delightful

Hairy delight

Hard working

After I had watered the plants in the greenhouse two days ago, these little creatures decided to emigrate. A lot of them died when the fell the 50cm to the concrete floor, those who survived gathered in a bunch. Seemed to have no problem in finding each other. They would have died there on the concrete floor if we had not saved them and found "greener pastures" for them.

Dolycoris baccarum

I don't think I have seen one of those before, can anyone help me with a name for this little beauty? Thank you for the name Moonchild.

today's acquaintance

pretty little bugger



hi there

a little fellow I met in sweden, as sweede as can be :)

Brave Rebekka

... holding a humongous cockroach from Madagascar ... it was actually really beautiful ... it was :)
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