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Castel Sant'Angelo, Roma, Italia - A Place with a Dark History

Castel Sant'Angelo, Roma, Italia - A Place with a Dark History
A pretty castle, were the different popes have kept their mistresses and their prisoners too. It was on several occasions used to hide in, being only a few hundred yards from the Popes residence.
In one room you made love, in the adjoining room people were tortured. The rooms were not ascetic, anything but. I remember reading a book about Rome were the author thought the murals reminded him of Playmates of the Month, women holding their breasts cupped in their hands, more or less naked.
One story stayed with me, that of the beautiful Marozia, a roman aristocrat. She spent fifty four years in the papal dungeions. She was the granddaughter of a pope, she was the mistress of another. She was actually the mother of a pope, an aunt to a forth and the grandmother of a fifth. (Robert Hutchinson, When in Rome, HarperCollins 1998).
Pope John XV took pity on her when she was 96 years old. She was released from the dungeon ... and killed.
Oh, and she was the great grandmother of two popes, Pope Benedict VIII and Pope John XIX and the great great grandmother of Benedict IX.
It was the son she had with Pope Sergius III who became Pope John XI.

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Oh My God!

I N T E R E S T I N G!!!!!
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There is not much human or kind about human kind, today or 1000 years ago.
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Gurry Gudfinns
What a revelation! Reminds a bit about our priests in Iceland not so long ago!
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