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  • je suis sidérée, juste quand Damir vient de décider de me montrer (en couleurs et pas en N&B !!!!!) aux amis, Ipernity annonce la fermeture...

    Ipernity refugees on Flickr : "Ipernity survivors" "Café Ipernity" "All Panoramio friends together" ma page sur FLICKR :…
    By Damir

  • Au pied du mur

    Photo et traitement i-phone

  • "Indian ladies" - Orchha - Madhya Pradesh - INDIA

  • Popote.

    By Ch'an

  • Museum Of Liverpool.

  • Chicapuma, Chicapuma, a puma chica pum ♫♪

    Duerme Negrito ♫♪ by Mercedes Sosa de Argentina en hommage à Atahualpa Yupanqui ♫♪ * canción de cuna

  • "Picture of You"

    Many, many, many, moons ago I was a member of the Aylesbury Police Camera Club that then became Stoke Mandeville Hospital Camera Club. I wasn't a policeman or a doctor :-) In the days of APCC we had regular portrait sessions and it is likely this shot wa…

  • Renault 12 TS Bogotá Colombia. Coeficiente VI

  • 1872b

    Castello delle Rocche - arcate
    By iusfin

  • 1345bd

    Santa Maria Addolorata
    By iusfin

  • A la nuit tombée...Antibes...

    Bon jeudi ! merci pour vos visites et vos commentaires !

  • la découverte

    mieux avec Z...

  • chainée...

    press z

  • cary

  • back alley

    how do you like my new TV, bert? sweet, alfie. where'd you get it? off the back of a truck a few blocks from here. got a great deal. how's the picture? I don't know yet. can't seem to get it to work. how good a deal did you say you got? maybe I'll have to…

  • Tell your Feelings

  • Red Bromeliad

    Des fleurs pour vous
    By Magda

  • Halmi cafe

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