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  • Darkness

    15 Aout 2013
    By fifi

  • My heart is beating like a jungle drum

    Cuando empecé a hacer fotos tenía el problema de que muchas veces el horizonte me quedaba torcido. Con el tiempo y la insistencia algunos amigos ese defecto se fue corrigiendo. En este caso el horizonte está torcido a propósito, para transmitir un poco m…

  • Dreaming

    Nature at its best .....

  • Kurama-cho 4229 (2)

    Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

  • At Yuki Shrine 4275 (2)

    Visiting a Shinto shrine on Mount Kurama in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

  • Guard dog?

    Does this big, fluffy dog look threatening to you? It was looking out the door of a closed jewelry store when we were walking in town........other than the fact that it resembled a polar bear (see inset) and was slobbering all over the glass!

  • Exceptions are not always the proof of the old rule; they can also be the harbinger of a new one. MvEEschenbach

  • We are so vain that we value the opinion even of those whose opinions we find worthless.

  • “If you have seen in silent prayer How the soul of the earth fashions crystals, If you have seen the flame in the growing seed And death in life and birth in decay, If you have found brothers in men and beasts, And if you recognized in the brother, the br…

  • I wonder if pain comes from surrendering or resisting

  • IMG 8704aswfcip

  • Ships

    By Dee

  • Chillaxing

    By Dee

  • A Dogs life ;)

    By Dee

  • Lapa

    By Dee

  • summer in the city

    aroma of bygone era

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