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  • Ray Ban is bigger !

    Merci à Lothar Wietzke pour sa participation aux Titres d'Ipernity . Tellement mieux que "Anne , ma soeur Anne , ne ..."

  • Solar Eclipse, Bangor - 20150320 - 03

    ECLIPSE ---------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Copyright © 2015 Graham A Stephen All rights reserved. This work is protected by copyright and must not be copied, downloaded or used in any way without the exp…

  • Conversation Secrète

    By SiL

  • Puente_Presidente_Ibáñez

    The Presidente Ibáñez Bridge is a single-span suspension bridge that crosses the Aysén River and is locataed in Puerto Aysén, Chile. The bridge was declared a National Monument of Chile in 2002. The works on the bridge began in 1961 and were completed fi…
    By Berny

  • Pirate of the Beach

    Rye, NY Note: Arrangement made from seaweed and litter found on Rye Playland Beach and Rye Town Park Beach, respectively.

  • Verona

  • blue moon rising....

  • La mélancolie nuageuse du Nord n'est rien à côté de la lumineuse tristesse des pays chauds

  • Leica 111F w/ Summitar , Ultrafine 100 , Caffenol Stand .....

  • Pentax Spotmatic , Kentmere 400 , Caffenol Stand ......

  • Hasselblad , Fuji Acros , Caffenol Stand ....

  • Jade

  • Le sourire d'une femme . . .

    Pour les femmes du monde entier !


    By Magot

  • Lough Neagh N.Ireland

    By Kenny

  • 'Just a stroke of my brush and then go !'

  • Modern Hairstyles

  • 'Don't make that angry face !'

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