• Christmas Fun [DSC03945E]

    I'm a little behind in posting pictures from 2016's Christmas festivities. I'll attempt to find time to get some photos up soon. I've got too many photos as of yet not uploaded. I don't want to take a chance on a computer crash and losing lots of Chris…

  • It's election time- I'll be so glad when this is all over

    This is the political mail that has automatically made it to my Spam box. There's plenty more that isn't in spam. Thank you, Gmail, for at least moving this amount of political junk to the trash. I wish I could make it ALL automatically land here. And…

  • The Home-School Crew ready to dine on Easter Sunday

  • He thinks he's ready for a straw

    He's watched his big brothers drink out of a straw, so he thinks he should be able to drink from a straw. He isn't quite ready, but this was fun to watch.

  • As hard as bricks

    While they were certainly tasty, the bread sticks were overdone and almost required jaws of steel to eat. After a couple of bites, we fed the rest to the trash can.

  • R24988933459_3451a23da1_oR

    For those having difficulty reading the tickets backward in the original photo

  • I broke a family tradition-- EARLY-- yes, I said EARLY!!!

    I actually arrived an hour-and-a-half early. No Garrett in my immediate family has EVER done that. We have the best intentions, but you'll always find us running just-in-time or barely late- sometimes a little more than "barely" in the late category. Bu…

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