2007- 500 Most Interesting Photos

Among Gregory Garrett's albums

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    I ran across this old photo taken on my first digital camera, an old Vivitar V3345. I'd almost forgotten about this camera. It had an old-style peek-through viewfinder, but it didn't even have a video viewer so that you could see your shots after you'd…

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    April Showers. Kristin and Brianna coming out to the car with Mitsy. I was smart and got to the car first before the rain hit. They were inside getting ready. April 2007. (note- original shot, SOOC. Although I've seen software that can create a s…

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    Notice the unfinished painted door. My father was painting that door around the time that he died, and we've never gotten around to finishing it. Now, it almost seems like a "keepsake" to remember him by. I'll eventually have to repaint it, I guess, b…

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    Digital camera

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    Digital camera

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    Digital camera

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