Gregory Garrett

Gregory Garrett

Posted on 08/11/2013

Photo taken on August 10, 2013

1/60 f/4.0 18.0 mm ISO 400

Canon EOS 60D

EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

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train coming through!

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IMG 9148

IMG 9148
Freight train coming through!

You have a lot of computers, Gregory..... My first computer was exactly the same..... Now I have a tank (one of). But it works almost noiselessly.
4 years ago.
Gregory Garrett has replied to artex63
Thanks for the comment! I collect old PC's. People don't want them anymore, or they get something newer. I can take their old PC's, get their old data off, upgrade/refurbish them, and give them to charity. Every now and then I'll keep a few for myself if I really like them or have need of another one. With Windows XP becoming unsupported soon, there are many companies and many people whose entire operations revolve around the use of XP. (XP still has almost 40% of the market.) Although Microsoft has pushed Windows 7 very hard so that it is now more in use than XP, it still doesn't support some older programs that people and companies use, for which they still need an XP box. (Anyone trying to network back into devices that rely on the Netbeui protocol need to use XP or earlier software.)

As for Windows 8, the launch of Windows 8 seems to be an even bigger flop than the launch of Vista. . At the same age in its life cycle, Windows 8 is even less popular than Vista, which, up until now, has been Microsoft's biggest flop. We'll see if Windows 8 can break that record to become the least-popular Windows operating system of all time. Meanwhile, my favorite operating system is Linux, followed by Windows XP, then Windows 7. (I'm partial to XP mostly because it's backward compatible with older hardware that uses Netbeui, yet still fully capable of networking to any modern/newer system. For networking purposes, it can talk to anything, whereas older systems and newer systems have limitations in being able to communicate with everything.)

One of these days I guess I'll have to stop collecting old PC's, but I do enjoy working through older systems and upgrading them, then giving them to a needy person or business. It's a hobby. Again, thanks for the comment! :)
4 years ago.
artex63 has replied to Gregory Garrett
I've worked for a long time with Windows XP...... The system is good and stable. Now I am working with Windows 7 (х64)...... Also a good system and I really like the. Windows 8 not yet tried to use. All My software, I have worked with in Windows XP, works very well with Windows 7 (their newest versions, of course)...... My computer this is my workstation and therefore it must always correspond the highest standards and requirements. A few old computers also continue to be in use, but they are not the main.
4 years ago.
Gregory Garrett has replied to artex63
I guess it will always be that way. What I hate more than anything is to "customize" a computer to exactly the way I like for things to be set up. Just as I get very comfortable with it (after 7-8 months), it will either crash, a virus bites me, or something will come along that necessitates changing everything over to run on another box. BTW, I still have my original DOS computer sitting in a corner of my storage room, and it still runs. lol.
4 years ago.