Some of today's haul

My Blessed Plot

Fruit, flowers, vegetables and wildlife from my Ludlow allotment...

Some of today's haul

This time of year makes all the hard work worthwhile!


My first ever asparagus spears - very excited! (No rude remarks please; they say size isn't everything...)

Almost good enough to eat

You can just taste that good country dirt... organic of course!

More allotment flowers

My cutting patch

Veg and fruit are all very well but flowers are good for the soul too. What's more they attract pollinating insects.

Allotment in July

My blessed plot.

Shocking Pink

Flowers from the allotment.

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Seeing pink elephants...

...and I hadn't touched a drop, honest! A very surprising find on the allotment the other day. I must have disturbed it while weeding the onion bed - luckily it waited while I ran to get the camera out of the car.

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A splash of colour

...from this bright Comma butterfly enjoying the lavender on the allotment.
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