Force of Nature (1)

Shropshire Scenery

A peaceful tour around my adopted County.

Force of Nature (1)

The river Teme in Ludlow on Christmas Eve, looking rather angry.

Force of Nature (2)

The building in the centre below the castle is a famous Michelin-starred restaurant - in a very scenic but possibly somewhat vulnerable spot.

With warm seasonal greetings... all my friends at Ipernity, including those I haven't met yet :-)

Fire and ice

The river Teme at Bromfield, near Ludlow, in calmer times a few years ago. I'm not sure why I like this shot as it breaks all the rules!

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A watery grave

Stokesay Castle gatehouse, Shropshire, seen from the adjacent churchyard after a shower of rain... (courtesy of MadJik effects).

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Shropshire Snow Scene

There was a robin on the fence-post but I just missed it. Taken on Squirrel Lane, Ludlow in 2010. .

An Englishman's home...

is his castle! Bit expensive to heat though...