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10 Feb 2018


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Glorious Technicolour 1

Some gorgeous colourful rugs and blankets decorating our hotel garden just outside Marrakech.

09 Feb 2018

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Glorious technicolour 2

A bright array of clothes and souvenirs in the heart of Marrakech.

21 Aug 2018

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This lady doesn't need painting...

... she's gorgeous already! Not many about this year so very pleased to see it on my allotment.

08 Aug 2018

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Freshly minted and beautiful!

Another late-summer delight, the Red Admiral.

07 Jul 2018

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Meet Purple Patti, the Pigeons' Peril!

Far too pretty to be scary!

15 Jul 2018

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The butterfly effect

Saw this beautiful silver-washed fritillary recently in Monkwood, near Worcester.

07 Feb 2016

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Story time

Isobel at thirteen months, reading a story to her Grandpa.

17 Feb 2016

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Oh well a girl can dream...

Having a bit of fun with the Photo Lab app on my tablet :)

15 Nov 2015


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Do these colours suit me?

Sophie posing as usual ;)
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