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Beyond Snark

The Ancient of Bad Hair Days

William Blake's "The Omnipotent" or " The Ancient of Days " (1794) after a major sneezing episode. --> new version (2015):


Wallpaper tile for screen backgrounds

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Be prepared for May 25th (and all the other days)

Location: Tokyo, Higashiyukigaya

Southern Californian Factory

near San Jose, CA, 2005 Tools: very lousy camera, GIMP, Inkscape By the way: I did not manipulate any color hues.

Springtails at Night

Screen background tile for wallpapers. See also My wife made the original drawing before 1988. I just added the baseball cap and changed the eyes.

Entropy Export

A breathing building in Hongkong, 2002


early morning

Face It!

Link: Keywords: Matthias Grünewald, Isenheim Altarpiece
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