Walking the Dog

Do dogs think teleologically about the their masters' expectations? Is the dog happy after getting the job done? In Tokyo, dog masters dragged around sanitary equipment required to pick up dog droppings. The associated ritual seemingly gave their pets a lot to think about their purpose in this world: During the job gets done, the animals usually put on quite thoughtful faces. Obviously they have to think about their master's expectations. I did this sketch in Japan - and perhaps got a bit carried away by the Japanese blend of pictorial humor, e.g. the hair growing in Japanese cartoons from noses, ears, ... (Tokyo, 2002 - The sketch helped me to kill about 15 minutes of time.)


Screen background tile for wallpapers. See also www.collembola.org/doc/art.htm Copyright: Goetz Kluge (me) & Anly Yao (my wife)


I couldn'd decide which version I prefer. So I chose a compromise.

The Ancient of Bad Hair Days

William Blake's "The Omnipotent" or " The Ancient of Days " (1794) after a major sneezing episode. --> new version (2015): www.ipernity.com/doc/goetzkluge/37946780


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