My Artwork

I am electronics engineer and not really an artist. Perhaps I'll have more time to make some own stuff after retirement (in a few years).


[en]: In 1992 I lived in Korea. The house had thin walls and my neighbour appreciated very much that I made a pencil drawing of my trumpet instead of playing it. That was my first "nature morte" ever. I simply drew what I saw - lying infront of me, not from a photo. - - Then I still didn't have a scanner. So I used my FAX machine to scan the picture. I lost the original. What you see here is the vectorized scan. [de]: Im Jahr 1992 lebte ich in Korea. Mein Haus hatte dünne Wände und meine Nachbarn begrüßten es, dass ich meine Trompete mit Bleistift zeichnete anstatt auf ihr zu spielen. Das war mein erstes "Stillleben" überhaupt. Ich zeichnete einfach, was ich sah vor mir liegend, also nicht von einem Photo. - - Damals hatte ich noch keinen Scanner. Darum benutzte ich mein FAX-Gerät um das Bild einzuscannen. Das Original habe ich verloren. Hier ist der vektorisierte Scan wiedergegeben.

Bremsklötze niederwalzen!

The Merkel Roller unleashed. (Hand drawn and then vectorized) Angela Merkel (now German chancellor) on how to deal with obstacles to growth (Kiel, Germany, 2005-06-12): Where there are road blocks, "we'll have to roll them down." (Wo es Bremsklötze gebe, "da müssen wir sie niederwalzen.") For that ambitious goal she surely needs powerful equipment. See also (in German): - -


Denki! - Tokyo 2003

Cartoons, 1981

Until 1982, I worked as a journalist for a weekly magazine for the electronics industry. I was in charge of the section for electronic measurement equipment and also made some cartoons for the magazine. [top]: Optical waveguide application: Optical fiber lights [middle left]: Working at a terminal [middle right]: Customized terminal design [bottom]: Allocation time! Distribution of scarce electronic components Technique: Fiber pen on paper, copy with photo offset camera (today you would use scans), manual post processing of the offset film for the shading. I recently found that film when cleaning up my garage.

Handle Carefully

In 1989 my wife and I moved from Taipei to Seoul. In order to convince customs to handle the parcels carefully when opening them for inspection, I glued that little sketch on each parcel. It worked out nicely.

Southern Californian Factory

near San Jose, CA, 2005 Tools: very lousy camera, GIMP, Inkscape By the way: I did not manipulate any color hues.

32 Butterflies for a 16-port FFT

Fast Fourier Transform The blue boxes do the elementary DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform). They also are called " decimation butterflies " and perform four operations: one complex multiplication, one sign inversion and two complex additions. Usually the transformer is presented differently. This depiction of course does not change the design, but it shows the construction of the transformer using a fractal approach. In the usual presentations (of Radix-2 FFT algorithms), the butterflies cross the lines; in this presentation, lines cross lines. The numbering of inputs and outputs is binary. Why "fractal"? A 2-port DFT requires one butterfly, a 4-port DFT requires two 2-port DFTs plus two butterflies, a 8-port DFT requires two 4-port DFTs plus four butterflies, a 16-port DFT requires two 8-port DFTs plus eight butterflies, and so on. Why "butterfly"? That is because of the two "triangles" in each box. Zoomorphism works even with engineers, and in this case the pair of triangles look like the wings of a butterfly to them. First version (2005):

FFT 16

Fast Fourier Transform The yellow boxes do the elementary DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform). They also are called " decimation butterflies " and perform four operations: one complex multiplication, one sign inversion and two complex additions. · Numbering of Input - Output: 0000 -- 0000 0001 -- 1000 0010 -- 0100 ... 1110 -- 0111 1111 -- 1111 · The image shown above is the first version of the image shown below: That new version looks nicer, but the old version helps better to understand the numbering scheme.

Springtails at Night

Screen background tile for wallpapers. See also My wife made the original drawing before 1988. I just added the baseball cap and changed the eyes.
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