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  • Beagle Landing

    Assembled scans from original 19th century sources: • Print The Beagle Laid Ashore based on a drawing (1834-04-16) by Conrad Martens, etching published in: Francis Darwin, Life and Letters of Charles Darwin , p. 160, 1888. Conrad Martens' drawing has been…

  • Hans Holbein, The Ambassadors, 1533 (modified)

  • pictorial allusions

    Group: All art is infested by other art - pictorial allusions

  • A Nose Job

    [left]: a segment of Henry Holiday's illustration to The Banker's Fate (after his encounter with the Bandersnatch) in Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark (1876) and [right]: a horizontally compressed segment of The Image Breakers (1566-1568), an etc…

  • Bremsklötze niederwalzen!

    The Merkel Roller unleashed. (Hand drawn and then vectorized) Angela Merkel (now German chancellor) on how to deal with obstacles to growth (Kiel, Germany, 2005-06-12): Where there are road blocks, "we'll have to roll them down." (Wo es Bremsklötze gebe,…

  • Trumpet

    [en]: In 1992 I lived in Korea. The house had thin walls and my neighbour appreciated very much that I made a pencil drawing of my trumpet instead of playing it. That was my first "nature morte" ever. I simply drew what I saw - lying infront of me, not fr…

  • MeQR

    Me snrk.de

  • Neuman, Butcher, Jowett

    Source for "Alfred E. Neuman": en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mad30.jpg After my Butcher/Jowett comparison I run into a page published by Art Neuendorffer. He discovered a resemblance between Henry Holiday's depiction of The Butcher in Lewis Carroll's The Hu…

  • Anne Hale Mrs. Hoskins

    Anne Hale, Mrs Hoskins (1629) by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger and a segment (mirror view) of an illustration by Henry Holiday (cut by Joseph Swain) to Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark (1876)

  • Ikegami matsuri

    Festival in Ikegami, Japan, October 2002

  • Taichung Temple

    Taipei 2003

  • A new Antenna

    Taken from Shinkansen passing by some village near Nagoya, 2002

  • "Shinjuku Business Hotel" at Night

    Vectorized segment of a smaller photo Location: Japan -> Tokyo -> Shinjuku

  • Cat

    There is no decent photo collection without a cat. This one fortunately was not mine.

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