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The Hunting of the Snark
Lewis Carroll
Henry Holiday
The Bellman
The Banker
Benjamin Duchenne
Charles Darwin
The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals

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The Expression of Emotions

The Expression of Emotions
To me, the Bellman's arm (upper left corner in the right image) always looked strangely rounded. But obviously there are arms like that. It took me a long time (until today) to get the idea that also these two images could be related although I know Duchenne's photo (shown here in mirror view) since a couple of years.
"Creepy," "ghoulish," "not the best science" -- these are a few indisputable descriptions applied (by Wired magazine) to an experiment Charles Darwin conducted in 1868. He was getting ready to write his book The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals and set out to sample reactions from all of 24 human subjects as they responded to and characterized a series of creepy, ghoulish photographs by French physiologist Benjamin Duchenne.

Charles Darwin didn't conduct these weird experiments. Duchenne did.

On the right side you see a detail from Henry Holiday's illustration to the chapter The Banker's Fate in Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark (1876).

The only known letter exchange between C. L. Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) and Charles Darwin was about photos of facial expressions, which Dodgson offered to Darwin (who kindly rejected the offer).

forever is a long time has particularly liked this photo

 Götz Kluge
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 Götz Kluge
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Other sources for the depiction of the bandersnatched Banker:

Heads by Henry Holiday and Marcus Gheeraerts the Elder

While he rattled a couple of bones
6 years ago. Edited 6 years ago.

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