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The Boojum sitting on some of the 42 boxes

The Boojum sitting on some of the 42 boxes
1875: Proposal for a depicton of a Boojum turned Snark by Henry Holiday (and redrawn by me) to Lewis Carroll. However, Carroll (Dodgson) preferred to leave it to the imagination of his readers (and to the imagination of the Barrister) how the Snark may look like.

The little vanishig guy is The Baker. Does the Boojum sit on some of the Baker's 42 boxes?

It is said that Carroll "suppressed" Holiday's Boojum, but I think that between these two gentlemen that is not the right term.
"[...] One of the first three [illustrations] I had to do was the disappearance of the Baker, and I not unnatuarally invented a Boojum. Mr. Dodgson wrote that it was a delightful monster, but that it was inadmissible. All his descriptions of the Boojum were quite unimaginable, and he wanted the creature to remain so. I assented, of course, though reluctant to dismiss what I am still confident is an accurate representation. I hope that some future Darwin in a new Beagle will find the beast, or its remains; if he does, I know he will confirm my drawing. [...]"
(Source: Henry Holiday (1898): The Snark's Significance)

Did Henry Holiday's Boojum turned Snark sit on the Baker's boxes?

From a sketch by H. Holiday and a painting by J. E. Millais:
Kerchiefs and other shapes

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Henry Holiday's Snark in the Barrister's dream:
The Snark in your Dreams
7 years ago. Edited 7 years ago.
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Grandville's Monsters
J. J. Grandville's Monsters
Thanks to John Tufail for discovering the similarity to Henry Holiday's Boojum.

More on J. J. Grandville:

J.J. Grandville, “Volvox” from "Un Autre Monde": A Volvox epidemic strikes a near-microscopic world of scale insects. 1844
Source: Hoonkl Snorsmed,
7 years ago. Edited 6 years ago.
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Plain Boojum:
Holidays Boojum
7 years ago.
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7 years ago.
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The published version of the Baker's disappearance:
5 years ago.

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