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  • 9_12 Lily You'vegotsomething


  • my pointer


  • At ease

  • 9_12 Scotty - effortless cute

    for the negative space challenge.

  • Lily sez where's my breakfast

  • Hide the dog

  • Talk to the Tail

  • 08_12_Scotty The lizard lean

    Scotty sees a lizard on the wall - he's trying to decide if it's worth a chase on this hot day.

  • 08_12_Lily Can you see me now?

    I could come closer...

  • 7_12 L is for Lily

    also, LOVE

  • 6_12 Scotty WAIT! I"m coming in!

    Scotty doesn't much like to be outside by himself. Lily doesn't worry, so Scotty has a lot more time outside now in her company. Sometimes he loses track - OMD, wait for me!!!

  • 6_12 Lily Naptouching

    Lily always rests her head on the nearest available human. ♥

  • 5 12 Scotty - movin' out

    No, not Moving Out movin' out. He's just headed for the back lawn. Got some grazing to do.

  • 5 12 Lily - movin' in

    Heading back to the cool shade after a nice long sun bath. Who sez basenjis don't like baths? Baths are great as long as no water is involved....

  • 4/12/Scotty

    OMD, am I late?

  • 4/12/Lilysquirrel

    If it's spring, it's squirrels!!!

  • 3/12/Lily 2 fleurs

    I am amazed at the changes in our Lily after just 2 months with us. She is funny and demanding and playful. She dances. We are smitten.

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