The Shadow


The Shadow

My father painted this in oil as a copy of an original painting featured in a book. Unfortunately he doesn't remember the original artist, and, so far, I have not found it on the Internet. Thanks to Ann and Dida for identifying the original artwork as The Shadow by Charles Blackman, Australian artist. The Schoolgirl series 1950s. limited edition silkcreen print 75 x 105 cm TSC Artwork on a wall

Beach Huts

Photo of an Art photo print. Brighton Beach, Victoria. Canon EF-S 60mm Macro Lens Archive Airings AA21 Patterns

Millennium Dreamscape

Photo taken March 2015. Artist Blair Girle 2000. Palmer Coolum Resort, Sunshine Coast, Queensland March Almond Blue 6

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I have passed these statues many times, and today I stopped and took a few photos. Tom Offermann happened to be outside his offices and I asked him about the statues. He saw a statue in Melbourne ‘Three Businessmen Who Brought Their Lunch. Batman, Swanston & Hoddle’ and was so impressed with the artwork that he commissioned the artists to create ‘Cook and Banks’ who were Noosa Heads’ first privately funded civic art pieces. Tom said that the sculptures are his contribution to Noosa Civic Art. The names (courtesy of artists Paul Quinn and Alison Weaver) are a tribute to Captain James Cook and Sir Joseph Banks, who actually never set foot in Noosa. 1770: Captain Cook sailed past, admiring the rainbow hued sand cliffs of the Noosa North Shore. Cook (and Matthew Flinders in 1802) failed to detect the mouth of the Noosa River but noted that Laguna Bay was “an open sandy bay” and a “bight in the coast”…Noosa Library Timeline. The figures were moulded in clay, cast in plaster and finally in bronze. This is known as the ‘lost wax’ method of casting. The two pieces have an ‘other world’ feel to them, with long spindly limbs, bulging eyes and surprised expressions on their faces. There is a serious colonial edge with their black trousers, but a Noosa feel in the aqua coloured shirts the pair are wearing. 48/365

Town Quay Royal Southern Yacht Club Southampton

Photo of an illustration in an 'Echo' publication, published by Southern Newspapers Ltd. 45 Above Bar, Southampton SO9 7BA 1980. c1840 by Artist W. Jefferson.

Industrial Landscape

Section of print. Original by L S Lowry 1950. Laurence Stephen Lowry was an English artist born in Stretford, Lancashire. Many of his drawings and paintings depict Pendlebury, where he lived and worked for over 40 years, and Salford and its surrounding areas. Lowry is famous for painting scenes of life in the industrial districts of North West England in the mid-20th century. He developed a distinctive style of painting and is best known for urban landscapes peopled with human figures often referred to as "matchstick men". 16/31 August Pink/White 12 Months in Colour


Wall plaque, crafted and hand painted here by a local Sunshine Coast Australian artist. Themed on the Mediterranean Double Colour Blue/Almond March


Wall plaque, crafted and hand painted here by a local Sunshine Coast Australian artist. Themed on the Mediterranean Double Colour Blue/Almond March

Nesting Tropic Bird

Photo of section of a limited edition print from an original acrylic painting by Yvonne Vaja Blucher. 5/7'96. We bought this print on holiday in Norfolk Island in 1999. 8/31 Pink/White August, 12 Months in Colour.
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