Spanish Steps, Rome

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Spanish Steps, Rome

With its characteristic butterfly plan, the Piazza di Spagna is one of the most famous images in the world, as well as being one of the most majestic urban monuments of Roman Baroque style. In the Renaissance period, the square was the most popular tourist attraction in the city: it attracted artists and writers alike and was full of elegant hotels, inns and residences. At the end of the seventeenth century, it was called Trinità dei Monti, after the church that dominates the square from above, but it was later given the name we know today after the Spanish Ambassador who lived there. Unexpected visit to Rome(by train) while delayed in Civitavecchia, the port of Rome. 1986 Antibes to Sicily YCA 'French Connection' Delivery Cruise. Eight Moody 34 Yachts. Archive Airings AA59 Stairs/Steps

Queenslander in White

One of the traditional Queenslanders in the historic village of Tewantin, Queensland. Tewantin is a beautiful town on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It is located on the Noosa River, and is the departure point for access to the famous North Shore beach drive which goes all the way to Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island. If anyone asks “where’s Tewantin?” - the easiest answer is “Noosa”! This is because Tewantin is part of a group of towns that all join together on the northern Sunshine Coast. Tewantin flows into Noosaville; which flows into Noosa; which flows into Sunshine Beach etc. In 1869, Tewantin was the river port for the Noosa area. In 1871, Clarendon Stuart surveyed a town site for the Tewantin settlement. Tewantin was a thriving small town with a reliance on the gold, fishing and timber industries. Wikipedia The Alphabet Site Q 02/2015


Tropical Art - Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and Cockatiel. Selective colour using GIMP 2. Archive Airings AA59 Stairs or Steps