Happy Buddha


Happy Buddha

He is quite small, this little statue is just 10cm/4 inches in height. TSC Selective lighting

Gold in December 2013

365 Days in Colour, this month's daily challenge was GOLD. May you all have a Golden year in 2014. Happy New Year! Thanks for visiting in 2013 :-)

Hollywood Gold

20/31 December Gold, 365 Colours Archive Airings AA27 Unusual Angles TSC in the bathroom... I did take another photo this week along similar lines (see Not TSC entry) but really preferred this archive one.

Gold Abstract

9/31 December Gold, 365 Colours Archive Airings AA23 Let's put up the Decorations

Pure Gold

Established 1862. 6/31 December Gold, 365 Colours. Archive Airings AA27 Unusual Angles

Teddy Warriors

On duty in a local supermarket :-) Noosa, Queensland. 337/365

Teddy Warrior

On duty in a local supermarket :-) Noosa, Queensland. 3/31 Metallic Gold December

Lucky number 3

Symbolises optimism and joy, inspiration and creativity. According to Pythagoras and the Pythagorean school, the number 3, which they called triad, is the noblest of all digits, as it is the only number to equal the sum of all the terms below it, and the only number whose sum with those below equals the product of them and itself. Manual, Exposure:0.5 sec. Aperture: f/4.5 Lightbox, Low Key TSC The Sunday Challenge numbers, as simple as that... your interpretation of a number(s) process however you want this week. just make sure we can see at least 1 number. Try out some in camera features you never have before... keep it interesting and challenging. Thanks to Sami for pointing out that it is also 30 :-)

Red and Gold

7/31 Metallic Gold December Archives, previously private, date posted changed to December 2020.
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