Mountain View

Texture Overlays

Mountain View

The original image is "Looking out to Whitsunday Island", separately clickable in the Note on this image :-) Created, using my own texture, in PicMonkey. TSC Texture overlay

cool brickwork

Overlay on cropped photo, using edifice texture from PicMonkey. Noosa, Queensland. TSC2 Texture overlay

Oil and Bougainvillea

Texture overlay on original Abstract Oil August 2014, using Botanic Gardens Bougainvillea image taken October 2012. New to this, so just tryng different ideas :-) Created using PicMonkey


New brickwork taken 20 August 2014, with texture overlay of the original rust image taken 11 January 2013, clickable in the Note on this image. Created using PicMonkey. TSC2 Texture overlay

an apple a day

... if you can get it out of the bottle :-) TSC2 Texture overlay Archive Airings AA58 Fruit and Veg Square crop in Note on this image

pickled apple

Square crop version of an apple a day